Zeon’s Prototype Mobile Armors of the One Year War - Part 1/2 

Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)

Successfully launched from the Mad Angler, an MSM-03 Gogg squad claws itself ashore at a Belfast base

Mobile Suit Gundam (episode 26, 1979)

MSM-03 “Gogg” launches from Mad Angler

Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)

Sayla saves Hayato’s ass and shows off her latent Deikun pilot genes

Mobile Suit Gundam (episode 32, 1979)

Kai Shiden’s RX-77 Guncannon takes a hit from an MS-09 Dom 

Mobile Suit Gundam (episode 32, 1979)

Roux Louka demonstrates optimal wrist technique to drive the rock down the paint for ultimate sportsketball slam dunk

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (1986)

The genetic key to Neo Zeon Newtype domination resents water rationing

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (1986)

Hayato Kobayashi and his RX-75 Guntank display viability in space 

Mobile Suit Gundam (episode 32, 1979)

"Too early, man." 

RX-75 Guntank, RX-77 Guncannon, and the G-FighterMobile Suit Gundam (episode 32, 1979)